GBC Robot made with lego boost 17101 [PDF instructions]


I'm done with Barney, Autobuilder and Franky....

I don't know if there are any other robots I can make...


Instructions (unofficial) for LEGOBOOST are hard to find on the Internet...


In this article, I have uploaded the instructions for a ball rolling robot that can be made only with LEGO BOOST.

Why don't you try to make a new robot by modifying legoboost 17101 set?






You can also use the distance sensor to count balls + play.







Let me quickly explain how to build and program it!





GBC Instructions for legoboost [Free PDF]



The instructions were created using software called "studio".

There are 84 pages in total!


The PDF is available at the following link.



The ball spills a lot.
I hope you can modify it and use it. lol


Martin has improved it for us.
With the added bonus of a micro:bit.
Thanks Martin!



Nice idea !






Explanation of LEGO BOOST programming [boost app and Scratch]


I'll explain both programming with the Lego Boost app and with Scratch.



Sample program for Lego Boost application


It's a simple program.
It contains the following elements.

  • Initialization
  • Input from motor angle sensor
  • Out put to motor
  • Variable
  • Loop control


For an explanation of the programming blocks, please click here. (Sorry. Here is the link in Japanese)






There is a lot of work to be done here. LOL!


I would be happy to add a program full of ideas.


Sample program for Scratch3.0

スクラッチ サンプルプログラム

You can also control it with the familiar scratch.

The image above shows a program that makes a ”twinkle twinkle little stars” sound when the distance sensor detects a ball.

The link to the Scratch project is here.


  • initialization
  • motor output
  • loop
  • variable
  • list
  • function



The message function and clone function are useful.

If you use it well, you can make elaborate games.



I think it is the best introductory programming material that allows you to learn (and play) proactively.



It's a minimalist program, so you can remix it and use it.


Please refer to the separate article on how to connect to Scratch.
(It's an article in Japanese. English articles wanted!!)







About the Lego Ball Rolling Robot【GBC】

In the Lego world, a ball rolling device is called GBC (Lego GBC Ball Comparison).

If you search on YouTube, you will find many interesting mechanisms.







This is another work by Akiyuki, whom I respect and admire on my own.

Kawaii. Cute one.(Mechanism is too awesome to be no cute.)


Here is the competition video.
It's over an hour long, but I can watch it forever.



If you think "I want to build such a mechanism with LEGO Boost!".


I recommend "THE LEGOBOOST IDEA BOOK", which is the best-selling standard book on Amazon.


It contains 95 simple and interesting mechanisms that can be made only with Lego Boost.



This book made Lego Boost 100 times more fun for me.





About the balls used in the GBC

Lego 14mm balls are the best, but

*Hard to find
*It takes a long time to arrive.

It takes time to arrive.


So, in our house, we use

I use Amazon 14mm beads instead.

I bought 100 of them for about $8.

Note that it cannot be used for modules that use weight.



With both Lego soccer balls and substitute beads
I can confirm that it works.
So, I think there is no problem to use it at home.



If I get into GBC in earnest, I would like to procure the original ball to meet the GBC module standards.




Lego Boost is the most powerful in terms of cost.



Lego WEDO is often used in STEAM education in elementary schools around the world.


The Lego Boost used this time is an excellent Lego set, as good as the standard Lego WEDO.


  • 831 pcs
  • 3 usable motors
  • Many types of sensors
  • Can be used with Mobile.



The price is over $100 cheaper than WEDO.
If you want to use it at home, I recommend Lego Boost.

The price changes daily, so be sure to check it out.




One thing that helps when using it at home is smartphone compatible.

You can easily play with your smartphone in your pocket without having to take out your PC or tablet.


You can use it like this.

  • If you want to play hard, use PC + Scratch
  • If you want to play casually, use your smartphone and the Boost app.
  • If you don't want to give your child a smartphone, use PC + Scratch



For more information on the most powerful cosmetic Lego Boost, please read this comparative review article. (I will update the English article when it is ready.)






Why don't you enjoy working on STEAM education at home during the STAY HOME?

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